Hello Kitty x Pon de Lion
Pon de Lion also wears a ribbon and dresses up

From Mister Donut, a cooler bag that collaborated with Sanrio's popular characters "Hello Kitty" and "Pompompurin" has appeared. It will be on sale for a limited time from March 15th.

From February, Mister Donut will develop collaboration goods of the original character "Pon de Lion" and "Hello Kitty" and "Pompompurin". The second cooler bag is available in two designs: "Hello Kitty x Pon de Lion" and "Pompompurin x Pon de Lion". The approximate size of the bag is 19 x 21.5 x 8.5 cm. The first goods " Lunch Box & Lunch Cloth " can also be put in.

Cooler bag "Pompompurin x Pon de Lion"
Designed to be friends wearing a beret

The set outline and price are as follows. * Prices shown include tax, and donuts and pies are for 172 yen or less.

5 donuts or pies + 1 merchandise 972 yen 16 donut pops + 1 merchandise 918 yen 1 donut or pie + 1 drink + 1 merchandise 864 yen

In April, "Towel Blanket" will be released as the third collaboration goods.