Star Wars nendo design ballpoint pen
Stylish but playful

Sun-Star Stationery will release "Star Wars nendo Design Ballpoint Pen" by design office "nendo" in mid-April. The price is 1,600 yen each (excluding tax).

There are four types of lineup, which are based on the images of "Darth Vader," "Storm Trooper," "R2-D2," and "C-3PO." The knock part is decorated with a mascot that deforms each character, and the main body shaft is finished with brass, zinc alloy, and iron.

Star Wars nendo design ballpoint pen
Deformed C-3PO, only eyes while making the best use of each individuality!

The size is 10 mm in diameter x 149 mm in length, the ball diameter is 0.7 mm, and the ink color is black.