muy mucho zipper bag
The popular zipper bag is also available for Muimucho

The "KIKKERLAND" zipper bag that I introduced in my bag before. It is a storage bag with a glass jar printed on it, and it is a popular item on SNS because it looks fashionable no matter what you put in it.

Kikkerland zipper bag
Kikkerland zipper bag introduced earlier

Since Kikkerland does not have a directly managed store, it is mainly handled by select shops, but the other day I found a similar original product at the Spanish general store "muy mucho". I bought it because it is a popular product that has been on sale since January.

muy mucho zipper bag
Just like!

There are two types of designs, a storage bottle style and a jam bottle style. A wide variety of sizes are available.

muy mucho zipper bag
I bought 3 types this time. The texture of glass is real

Mui Mucho zipper bag
With the Mui Mucho logo

It has a liquid leakage prevention structure and becomes self-supporting when the bottom gusset is widened. You can organize small items such as spices and sweets, and miscellaneous goods, and you can store them smartly without taking up as much space as the real thing.

muy mucho zipper bag
Structure that does not leak even if liquid is put in

muy mucho zipper bag
If you open the bottom gusset

muy mucho zipper bag
Be independent like a jar!

The L size of the storage bottle design is the perfect size to store pasta. Since each bag contains about 100g (3.53oz), it seems convenient to divide it into small portions for each person.

muy mucho zipper bag
Is there a straw or cable other than pasta?

It has almost the same specifications as Kikkerland products, but the price is lower because the number of sheets per pack is smaller (starting from 350 yen excluding tax). The color variations are also different, so if you want various types, please check it out!