Recipe book "Handmade snack with one bowl, taught by Takako"

Gakken Plus has released a book, "A handmade snack with one bowl, taught by Takako-san," which summarizes the "four-frame recipe" for sweets and bread. The author is Takako Inada, a confectionery and cooking researcher nicknamed "Takako-san." The price is 1,200 yen (excluding tax).

This book contains 55 recipes such as simple baked goods such as cookies and muffins, popular sweets such as gateau chocolate, cheesecake, and tiramisu, and bread that can be baked without kneading. Even beginners can enjoy handmade snacks without fail because they introduce the ingredients in the bowl, the state of mixing, and the finished product step by step with 4 frames of process photos.

Recipe book "Handmade snack with one bowl, taught by Takako"
All cakes and breads that look authentic are 4 frames and 1 bowl!

Recipe book "Handmade snack with one bowl, taught by Takako"

The contents are as follows.

PART1 A classic snack that you won't get tired of eating every day (corn flakes and walnut cookies, korokoro cookies, sugar muffins, whole grain biscuits, fluffy cakes with millet sugar, pancakes, fried apple, range-baked banana cafe-style plates, sheet granola・ Steamed bread ・ Muffin dumplings with tofu ・ Gohei mochi ・ Soft donuts ・ Tororin pudding made with a range)
PART2 Special occasion snacks that everyone wants to eat (apricot crumble cake, grapefruit and orange jelly, gateau chocolate, baked cheesecake, strawberry tiramisu style, meringue cake, chestnut rum ball, white chocolate and nut honey parfait)
PART3 If you're hungry, snack bread (quick bread, salt muffins, round bread, this French toast style of bread)
PART4 Seasonal snacks (steamed rice flour buns, YOMOGI cookies, mixed berry frozen yogurt, pumpkin financier cake, Stollen, black bean butter cake, brownie)