Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
My Nuka floor started

Spring when you want to start something new. At the vegetable counter, I suddenly caught my eye on spring carrots and thought, "Let's make Nukazuke."

However, making the bran floor by yourself is an image that it takes time and effort to mix and age the ingredients. In the first place, I'm worried if I can season it well ...

So, I tried this time with a bran pickled kit called "My Nukazuke" sold by the organic farm "Kanazawa Daichi". Only domestic rice bran grown without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers is used as the raw material, so you can start with peace of mind. The price is 1,512 yen (tax included) and can be purchased from the official website or "Ange web shop".

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
"My bran floor"

Below, I will introduce the points that the author of "super beginner" felt "this can be done".

Part 1: Can be made from the day it arrives

To make a bran floor, it is necessary to mix raw bran, salt, water, etc., throw it away, and ripen it. But with "My Nukazuke", you can use it immediately by opening the Nukazuke in the pack. The attached tapper can be used as a storage container as it is, so there is no need to prepare a container.

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
It feels like you have a good bran floor

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
Just transfer from the pack to the attached container

Beginners can rest assured that the instruction manual also describes the preparation method and the pickling time for each vegetable. Basically, it seems that the trick is to do salt fir well.

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
Salt fir is firm enough to make vegetable juice

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
Cut to a size that is easy to soak

Part 2: "Slightly pickled" size

The bran floor contains 1 kg, and the amount that can be pickled at one time is about 1 to 2 cucumbers. Even if you don't feel like "let's make nukazuke", you can make it with the surplus vegetables, so the hurdles will be much lower.

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
In this image, 1/2 cucumber, 1 eggplant, and 5 cm carrot are pickled.

After pickling vegetables, they are stored in the refrigerator, but it is also a nice point that they are compact and can be stored anywhere. If you place it in a place where you can easily see it, you will not have to worry about forgetting it.

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
OK if there is a little free space

Here is the one that has been soaked for about 12 hours. Everything was delicious!

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
It goes well with rice ~

I tried various other things, but I recommend it because the processed cheese was really delicious. It's the best snack for sake!

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
You can feel free to try ingredients other than vegetables. It's delicious if you soak it well for about 24 hours.

Part 3: Easy to clean

Basic maintenance is just to stir once a day. Since it is stored in the refrigerator, it is okay to use it once every 4 to 5 days when it is not soaked. Add salt every few times, and when it's low, you can use it for a long time by doing "Tashinuka".

Daichi Kanazawa "My Nukazuke"
Mix well to the stains in the container.

The fun of finding the best

At first, I felt that the taste was too strong, but after soaking it several times, it settled down to my taste. The fun of finding your favorite pickling condition while adjusting the taste according to the salting stage and the pickling time is a feeling that you can not get with commercial products. By the way, there are products like the "disposable" bran floor "Nuka Marche " that I introduced earlier, so you may want to start by learning about the fun of homemade bran pickles. If you are interested, please try it!