Licca-chan 50th Anniversary Collaboration
Licca-chan is busy!

The dress-up doll "Licca-chan" will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2017. As a "girl's longing", it is still loved by many fans from children to adults.

This year, which will be the anniversary year , collaboration models with Mao Asada and the French Tourism Goodwill Ambassador have already been announced, and collaborations with various companies have also been decided. I tried to summarize the current information!

Mao Asada / Licca-chan doll set
Licca-chan in figure skater

Licca-chan becomes "2017 French Tourism Goodwill Ambassador"
Licca-chan receives a letter of appointment from the French Tourism Goodwill Ambassador, cute ...

・ Promote the same 50th anniversary sesame oil

Kadoya Sesame started a 50th anniversary project with Licca-chan in April to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of the long-selling seasoning "Kadoya Sesame Oil". With Kadoya Sesame's original Licca-chan as the image character, it is said that it will develop the appeal of cooking using genuine sesame oil and campaigns. Licca-chan in a yellow apron is homely!

Licca-chan x Kadoya genuine sesame oil
Young wife style

・ That cosplay looks good too

From Myojo Foods, two products, "Myojo Charmera Cup Licca-chan Noodle Onion Gratin Flavor" and "Myojo Potof Flavor" will be on sale from May 1st. The package shows the cosplay of that uncle Charmera. The suggested retail price is 180 yen each (excluding tax).

Meisei Charmera Cup Licca-chan Noodle
Licca-chan's home taste

Meisei Charmera Cup Licca-chan Noodle
Appeared in a jumper x trumpet on the back

The product is a cup noodle that reproduces the taste of onion gratin soup and pot-au-feu learned from "Licca-chan's grandma" in France. "When it comes to ribbon shape" is included.

・ For shiny hair like Licca-chan? Collaboration shampoo with "Asience"

Kao's hair care brand "ASIENCE" will also release collaborative products in late June. Limited quantity.

Licca-chan x Asience shampoo
Care according to the hair quality to make "glossy hair that lasts until night"

The lineup includes "moisturizing" type shampoos and conditioners for hard hair and "soft and elastic" type shampoos for soft hair. It seems that Licca-chan, who expresses each feature, is used in the package.

I have a feeling that collaboration is likely to continue this year. No matter what you do, you can't take your eyes off the charming Licca-chan!