Three Coins flat-drying net

This week, it's spring-like cheerfulness. It's about time to put away winter coats and knits.

The important thing in changing clothes is the care before putting it away. Especially if you send all your winter clothes for cleaning, it will cost you a lot of money ... Therefore, this time, we will introduce items that are useful for care and storage at home.

■ Hundred yen store "hairball removal"

100 level fluff remover
I bought it at a small 100-yen shop a few years ago

This fluff remover often seen in 100-yen shops. It's an item I've been using for years, and I can get rid of pills and fluff on my sweater pretty cleanly.

100 level fluff remover
One-time effort before washing

100 level fluff remover
Smooth fluff

Some people may be worried, "It's 100 yen and I'm worried if my favorite sweater gets damaged ...", but personally I have never failed. By all means just with the conspicuous pills!

■ Three Coins flat-drying net

Three Coins flat-drying net
Popular products of "3COINS"

If you hang the sweater on a hanger, it will stretch and leave marks on your shoulders, so it is not recommended especially before long-term storage.

The "Clothing drying net" of the 300 yen shop "3COINS" is a popular item that may run out of stock. When expanded from the size of one hand, it becomes a two-tiered net, which is useful for flat-laying knits and stuffed animals. * I'm out for shooting, but the wool is dried in the shade.

Three Coins flat-drying net
When unfolded, it becomes a solid two-stage net

Three Coins flat-drying net
You can prevent it from getting out of shape

When you finish using it, hold it left and right and twist it to fold it back to its original state. It's more affordable than similar products from other manufacturers, so get it immediately when you see it!

■ "Wool shampoo" from Wise Plant

Wise Plant's "Brand Care Wool Shampoo"
Cashmere will be washed with this

Wise Plant's "Brand Care Wool Shampoo" is recommended for people who want to wash their fashionable clothes at home as much as possible. The detergent, which was developed for professional dry cleaners, is an excellent product that can wash knits, suits, coats, and delicate cashmere at home.

If you wash it by hand or in a vertical washing machine as described, it will be finished without ironing. The price is 1,680 yen (excluding tax) with 300 ml. One piece is for about 35-40 pieces.

■ Easy to put in and look for "Musshuda Collective Insect Repellent Cover"

Musshuda Collectively Insect Repellent Cover
To shorten the time to change clothes

It is safe to put an insect repellent cover on your important coat or dress when storing it in the closet. But buying as many covers as there are clothes and wearing them one by one is a bit of a hassle, isn't it?

Jacket with clothing cover
It's a hassle to wear one by one ...

"Musshuda Collective Insect Repellent Cover" is an insect repellent cover that can store 5 to 7 clothes together. Insect repellent for clothes cases can be used, and if replaced, it can be used repeatedly.

Musshuda Collectively Insect Repellent Cover
Convenient to use insect repellent for clothes cases

Musshuda Collectively Insect Repellent Cover
Over the closet bar

Musshuda Collectively Insect Repellent Cover
Just put clothes together with the hanger * Image image Length can be adjusted with snap buttons

If you put clothes for ceremonial occasions and off-season together, the closet classification is perfect. With a transparent window, the point is that it is easy to understand when searching.

Musshuda Collectively Insect Repellent Cover
You can see where you put it without opening it one by one

■ Compresses bulky sweaters tightly

Winter clothing, which is made of different materials from summer clothing, may not fit in the storage space even if the number is the same (especially if you buy more on sale ...).

Some people put knits in a compression bag, but since oxygen is not lost, it has no insect repellent effect, and even if a general insect repellent is added, the ingredients do not spread easily.

That's where Musshuda's new product "Musshuda Compression Pack for Clothing" comes in handy. While compressing bulky clothes to about 1/2, it seems that it can absorb oxygen in the bag with an oxygen scavenger and firmly prevent insects. A sweater can hold about 20 clothes.

Musshuda compression pack for clothing
I tried using it immediately because it is a new product of this year

Musshuda compression pack for clothing
Large capacity for all winter knits

Musshuda compression pack for clothing
When you suck it out with a vacuum cleaner ...

Musshuda compression pack for clothing
It's much smaller and easier to handle

Did you find any items you were interested in? You won't be disappointed next winter, so make good use of it!