Image of insect repellent for clothing

Hello, I'm Ogasho, a professional organizing advisor.

It's time to change clothes for early summer. Clothes are often consulted in terms of storage, but I would like to review the care of the clothes themselves. So, this time, I asked the beauty salon that develops the insect repellent "Mushuda" for clothes about the NG habits that should not be done when changing clothes. Please check the following 10 items to see if you have inadvertently done it!

1. I don't wear much so I leave it as it is
→ Spilled food and sebum stains not only cause stains, but also serve as a nutrient source for clothing pests. Dust and pollen also adhere regardless of frequency, so washing and cleaning are essential.

Image of winter coat
Is it okay to dispose of what I don't wear at this opportunity?

2. Place the insect repellent in front of or at the bottom of the case
→ Since the insect repellent component is heavier than air, it spreads throughout by placing it on the top of clothing.

3. Pack your clothes tightly
→ The 8th minute is the best because the insect repellent component is hard to spread.

Packed sweater

4. Leave the vinyl cover on for cleaning
→ Poor breathability and cause mold ...

Vinyl cover for cleaning

5. Use odorous insect repellents such as paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene, and camphor together.
→ Dangerous ants that the drug begins to dissolve. It should be noted that any odorless pyrethroid drug can be used in combination with any type.

6. I'm worried about the effect, so I put an insect repellent anyway
→ Please note that the effect will not be fully exhibited unless you use the type and number that match the storage location. Check the package carefully.

Where I put a lot of insect repellent
It's a waste to put too much

7. Put in a compression bag with a drawer insect repellent
→ Compression does not eliminate oxygen, so pests can survive. In addition, it seems that the ingredients are difficult to spread with ordinary insect repellents.

Musshuda compression pack
Dedicated compression bags are also on sale

8. Put your clothes on the shelves and put an insect repellent by your side
→ Insect repellents are only effective in a closed space. If you put it in an open space closet, put it in an insect repellent cover.

9. I can't eat anything other than wool, so it's okay
→ It is true that expensive clothing such as cashmere and wool is easier to eat, but it seems that vegetable fibers such as cotton and linen and chemical fibers with spilled stains may also be eaten.

10. Put the clothes in the storage case as it is
→ There is a possibility that eggs of clothing pests are laid in the cotton dust. Don't forget to clean the storage case, closet and closet when changing clothes!

Handy cleaner

A method of changing clothes that is unexpectedly not taught properly. Did you have a habit of doing it? People who have already dressed up can still make it in time!