Household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
New proposals for family gatherings and party dishes

"Aladdin Graphite Griller", a household griller, will be released on April 17th from "Aladdin", which develops heating appliances such as kerosene heaters. The price is 32,000 yen (excluding tax). The color is "Aladdin Green" only.

Household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
"Aladdin Graphite Griller"

This product is a cooking appliance equipped with the patented technology "far-red graphite" used in Aladdin's heaters. Like the "Aladdin Graphite Toaster " released just a year ago, it is said to have a high-speed heat generation of "0.2 seconds to rise", but I am also concerned about the unusual design and the state when cooking. I saw it at the product launch.

Aladdin Graphite Toaster
The hit "Aladdin Graphite Toaster" released last year

The main body is W55 x H31.4 x D31 cm and weighs about 4.3 kg. An arm is mounted on the top, and there is only one heat source. At first glance, it's unreliable, but it seems that the "far-red radiant heat" gives heat directly to the food and makes it look like it was grilled over charcoal.

Household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
It can also be used at the table (note that the heat source and plate get hot)

At the recital, cooking researcher Shinjiro Terada showed off the recipe developed for the product. Taking advantage of the features that can be used not only in the kitchen but also at the dining table, he suggested meat-wrapped rice balls and samgyeopsal that everyone can enjoy while surrounding the griller.

Shinjiro Terada, a cooking researcher
Mr. Terada who cooks with two units

Shinjiro Terada, a cooking researcher
"The meat with the sauce doesn't burn, and there is little oil splash, so it's easy to clean up afterwards," says Terada.

When I looked at it, I was surprised that there was almost no smoke even though the meat was burning in front of me in the room. By dropping the oil from the ingredients onto the tray under the net, it is said that smoke generation and oil splattering can be prevented. It has a structure that makes it difficult for odors to come out.

Household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
I will burn it quietly in front of me

After baking, you can adjust the temperature to keep it warm. It seems that you can keep the warmth of the food without burning or dryness.

Household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
The meat is crispy and easy to chew, and has a soft finish!

There are two types of attached plates: a healthy net that easily removes oil and a quick plate that easily conducts heat. In addition to grilled foods, aburi dishes, and strings, you can also enjoy menus other than grilled foods using skillet.

Household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
You can also enjoy hot cheese fondue (the image is a healthy plate)

Household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
You can also bake pizza! (The image is a quick plate)

After use, just remove the oil tray and wash. It seems that the inside is treated with fluororesin, so it seems that dirt can be easily removed.

Household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
The tray is light enough to hold with one hand

A storage case and bag are also included, but the size when stored is almost the same as when used. In this respect, it may be a little difficult if you can not secure a place to put it.

When storing the household griller "Aladdin Graphite Griller"
When storing the case. Height does not change

I also use a hot plate at the table, but I was worried about oil splashes around me, so my turn was reduced. This griller is likely to play an active role at home parties as a new style of cooking utensil.