Harissa of KALDI
How about ethnic chilled Chinese with spices?

Cardy "Harissa"

Do you know the original seasoning "Harissa" sold at Cardy Coffee Farm? The other day, it was introduced as a popular product on a certain TV program, and the author who first learned of its existence at that time also bought it immediately.

Harissa of KALDI
The price is 398 yen (tax included) I didn't know that I was going to go there ...

Harissa is a paste-like seasoning made by adding pepper, garlic, spices, etc. to paprika. The product label says "Morocco", but it is widely used in Europe.

When licked as it is, the aroma of cumin and coriander is strong, and the taste is somewhat reminiscent of tandoori chicken. It has a bitter taste that irritates the tongue, but it is not as intense as it looks red.

Harissa of KALDI
A taste that seems to be on the side menu of an Indian curry shop

The other day's program introduced meat miso somen using harissa, and the recipe is also posted on the official website of KALDI. With that as a reference, I tried to arrange it with the chilled Chinese noodles that I had at home.

"Chilled Chinese" made with Kaldi "Harissa"

To make the meat miso itself, simply add harissa (250 g of meat and 2 tablespoons), green onions, and salt and pepper in that order to the meat and fry.

Harissa of KALDI
When the fat of the meat comes out, add harissa

Harissa of KALDI
When the oil turns red, add chopped green onions and season with salt and pepper.

Cucumber, tomato, coriander and other ingredients are chilled and put on the Chinese noodles, and the included sardines are applied. The sweetness, sourness and spicy meat miso go perfectly together, and it's amazingly delicious that you can't think of it as the usual chilled Chinese noodles! May I "chasing Harissa" if you like?

Harissa of KALDI
Name it "ethnic chilled dandan noodles"

Harissa goes well with vegetables as well as meat, so it is recommended for stewed dishes and salads. The image below is a mixture of boiled potatoes, parsley, canned mackerel and harissa, but it's also perfect for sandwich fillings. If you get tired of the usual summer gourmet, Harissa, a versatile seasoning born in a hot area, please try it!

Harissa, potato and mackerel can sandwich
Because summer is long!