PLAZA's time-saving cosmetics Saborino

New products from the time-saving cosmetics brand "Saborino" are now available at imported household goods stores PLAZA and MINiPLA. Three types are on sale, including face masks and mist-like moisturizers that are useful for night skin care.

The lineup is as follows. The listed price does not include tax. The products handled differ depending on the store.

■ Saborino tiredness mask
A face mask that says, "Skin care is completed just by putting it on the bath for 60 seconds." Moisturizing ingredients permeate and care for dead skin cells, and also tighten pores opened in the bath. 28 pieces (269 ml) for 1,300 yen.

Saborino tiredness mask

■ Saborino Good Night Mist
A mist-like moisturizer that "skin care is completed in 3 seconds" with an extra-fine mist. It can also be used to cool down sunburned skin and remake during the day. It costs 1,300 yen for 150g (5.29oz).

Saborino Good night mist

■ Saborino refreshing sheet
A full-body wipe sheet with makeup remover, face wash, body wash, and moisturizing functions. Remove stickiness and odor with a mesh fabric to refresh your face and body. 500 yen for 7 pieces (83 ml).

Saborino refreshing drop and sheet