Can be used in various ways ♪ Lemon pickled in Calpis
Arranged recipes introduced on the official Calpis website. It goes well with shaved ice.
Material ( 2 lemons )
Lemon 2 pieces
Calpis (for 5-fold dilution) 10 tbsp (150 ml)
Granulated sugar 6 tbsp
Lemon pickled in Calpis
Calpis recipes that can be used in various ways

Everyone loves the summer taste "Calpis". Occasionally, when I was looking at the official Calpis website to try a different arrangement, I found a recipe called "Lemon pickled in Calpis", so I will introduce it. Easier to eat than pickled honey!

When making 2 lemons, the ingredients are 10 tablespoons of calpis (for 5-fold dilution) and 6 tablespoons of granulated sugar. Place thinly sliced lemons in a flat container, sprinkle with granulated sugar and sprinkle with Calpis.

Lemon pickled in Calpis
Use Calpis for dilution

Lemon pickled in Calpis

Lemon pickled in Calpis

Lemon pickled in Calpis
Just soak (the image is made with one lemon)

Shake the container lightly to blend in, cover and leave overnight to complete. If you make it in a deep-bottomed container, stack granulated sugar and lemon alternately.

After one night, the lemon softens the strong acidity, and you can enjoy the refreshing harmony of Calpis and bittersweet that overflows with the juice. I think it's sweet because it contains a lot of granulated sugar, but it's the same as usual Calpis.

Lemon pickled in Calpis
It's delicious as it is!

In addition to eating it as it is, you can enjoy various arrangements such as dividing the liquid with unsweetened carbonated water or milk, or sprinkling it on yogurt. Especially recommended is shaved ice . It's great on a hot day if you put it on crispy ice!

Lemon pickled in Calpis
Lemonade style when divided by carbonated water

Lemon pickled in Calpis
Lassi style when added to yogurt or milk

Lemon pickled in Calpis
Enjoy the best lemon in the shaved ice syrup ♪

This summer, when the heat is likely to get even more severe. Please try it for bulk purchases and consumption of Calpis received from midyear gifts!