Tokyu Hands Chiba store
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Tokyu Hands Chiba store will open on September 7th in the commercial facility "Perie Chiba" in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.

This is the third store in Chiba prefecture after "LaLaport Funabashi store" and "Kashiwa store". Taking advantage of the access directly connected to JR Chiba Station, it aims to be a store that is close to the lives of locals. In addition to developing popular and popular products at Tokyu Hands, we will also set up a unique corner called "Subarashiku Chibarashiku" that collects products related to Chiba.

The outline of "Subarashiku Chibarashiku" is as follows.

■ Oichiba-Delicious, fun, and happy Chiba bite-
Introducing products related to food unique to Chiba. "HAPPY NUTS DAY" (Sambu-gun) peanut butter, which won first place in the peanut paste ranking, and "Shibaumi Farm" (Inzai City), which grows 60 kinds of vegetables annually without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Develop peanut jam and so on.

Tokyu Hands Chiba store

■ Thousand Hands-That Hand, This Hand, Various Handicrafts, in Chiba-
Special feature on artists who have a connection to Chiba and create works by hand. Akihiro Terada (Futtsu City), who gives a high-quality feel to everyday life, and Yotsue Mie (Ichihara City), who creates accessories with the concept of "Japanese in everyday life," will be on sale.

Tokyu Hands Chiba store

■ Ichiban Map-Here is a trip to enjoy Chiba.
In each area, such as the original product of the local line "Isumi Railway" (Isumi-gun), where the beautiful rape field attracted a lot of attention, and the book "Boso Cafe" (published by the Kure Rashikaru Design Editing Office), which is indispensable for visiting cafes in Chiba Prefecture. Introducing how to enjoy Chiba with different characteristics.

Tokyu Hands Chiba store

■ Tanochiba Market-Lovely and fun things about Chiba-
We develop original products such as Chiba Prefecture's official character "Chi-ba-kun" and popular mascot characters "Pinyatsu" and "P-Man". The collaboration products of Chiba-kun and famous stationery makers such as Maruman, Swallow Note, and Mitsubishi Pencil are produced by Tokyu Hands Chiba store.

Tokyu Hands Chiba store

The store information is as follows.

Location: 1-1-1, Shinchiba, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba Perie Chiba 6th floor Transportation: Directly connected to JR Chiba Station (Sobu Main Line, Uchibo Line, Sotobo Line, Narita Line)
Chiba Urban Monorail / Keisei Chiba Station Connection Business Hours: 10: 00-21: 00 Store Area: Approximately 1,900 square meters
Tokyu Hands Chiba store
Address:1-1-1, Shinchiba, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
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