Kurtuga Standard Model / Sanrio Characters
Sanrio character design for the Kurtuga series ♪

Mitsubishi Pencil's "Kurutoga" series of mechanical pencils that "turn the core and keep toggling" collaborates with Sanrio characters. "Kurutoga Standard Model / Sanrio Characters" is on sale in limited quantities from February 15th.

There are 6 designs. "Cinnamoroll" which won the 1st place in the Sanrio Character Award 2017, "Pompompurin" which is the 2nd place, "Hello Kitty" "My Melody" "Little Twin Stars" which is deeply popular, "Characters" which is a collection of popular characters increase. Popular characters of all ages, such as "Badtz-Maru" and "Kerokerokeroppi," have also appeared. The price is 650 yen per bottle (excluding tax).

The mechanical pencils of the Kurtuga series are characterized by the fact that the lead rotates during writing and continues to sharpen in a conical shape. It seems that it is supported mainly by students because it keeps writing in a stable state.

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