How to grow pea sprouts and broccoli sprouts
Would you like to grow it like a green?

Anyway, many people may have a hard time making daily menus this winter when the prices of vegetables have risen. Even at the author's house, the strongest cospa vegetable "pea sprout" that can be re-harvested was in full operation ...

Image of regenerated cultivation of bean seedlings
The harvest can't keep up ...

Changing the water is difficult, but it's a little fun to be able to harvest vegetables in the kitchen. So, this time, I will introduce the tips for growing pea sprouts that you do not know unexpectedly and how to grow broccoli sprout that can be done even in the shade.

Tips for regenerating and cultivating bean seedlings

It is well known that "the seedlings after cutting will grow again if they are soaked in water", but did you know that there is a trick to harvest deliciously?

Tips for regenerating and cultivating bean seedlings
Can be re-harvested in 7-10 days

First of all, the amount of water. If the beans are soaked in water, they will rot, so the point is to set the water level so that only the roots are soaked. Change all water at least twice a day in the summer and once a day in other seasons.

Tips for regenerating and cultivating bean seedlings
At the water level where only the roots are immersed

Tips for regenerating and cultivating bean seedlings
Replace everything instead of adding

In addition, according to the site called "Pea Seedling Study Group" of Murakami Farm, the best cultivation place is "in a sunny room". I have experience with this, but it grows greener than it grows in a kitchen without windows.

Tips for regenerating and cultivating bean seedlings
If possible in a bright room

By the way, if you grow it on tableware, it may get dirty with water, so it is convenient for people who eat frequently to prepare a special container. I recently found Daiso's stainless steel storage container, which is the perfect size and is not easily soiled, so I recommend it.

Tips for regenerating and cultivating bean seedlings
Daiso "Stainless Steel Lid Square Container (Horizontal)" (100 yen plus tax)

Broccoli sprout in a jar

"Broccoli sprout" is very nutritious and runs out of stock every time it is featured on TV. In fact, it can be easily cultivated at home.

Seeds can be purchased at home improvement stores and online shops. For hygiene, be sure to choose "sprout" seeds.

How to grow broccoli sprout

This time, it is cultivated by the bean sprout method , which is easy to grow even in the shade. What you need to prepare is a transparent drink jar, gauze, and rubber bands that you can buy for 100 yen. The bottles should be sterilized by boiling before cultivation.

How to grow broccoli sprout
Anything that is transparent and the lid can be removed is OK

Rinse the seeds thoroughly and soak them in more than twice as much water overnight (6-12 hours).

How to grow broccoli sprout

Cover the mouth of the bottle with gauze, fasten it with a rubber band, and discard the water with the gauze still attached.

How to grow broccoli sprout
Work without touching the seeds with the gauze on

With the mouth of the bottle facing down, tilt it so that it is not completely blocked and fix it. Prevents spoilage by ensuring drainage and breathability.

How to grow broccoli sprout
In this state during cultivation

After that, wash the seeds twice in the morning and at night to bring them to this state. You don't have to expose it to the sun, but if you put it in a warm place indoors, it will be ◎.

Third day. A little root came out.

How to grow broccoli sprout

It grows fast after the roots come out, and the inside of the bottle is sprout and tight in about a week. It seems that some nutrients will be weakened if it grows too much, so I harvested it at about 3 cm.

How to grow broccoli sprout
I've filled the jar!

Rinse thoroughly with tap water before eating. If you put it in plenty of water and stir it, brown seed husks will accumulate on the surface and bottom of the water, so removing it to some extent will improve the texture.

How to grow broccoli sprout
It's okay to eat, but it's better to remove it

The bean sprout sprout has a crispy texture and a light taste like radish sprouts. It has a slight spiciness, so it is perfect for salads, rice bowl condiments, and sandwich ingredients.

Broccoli sprout sandwich
Eat raw to get enough nutrients

In the summer when the room temperature is high, it tends to rot, so if you are not confident in management, this time is the best time for kitchen cultivation. Why don't you raise it between household chores?