Detergent / softener for washing
Laundry is also in spring mode ♪

The new brand "Farfa Kokoro" debuted in 2017 from the clothing detergent and fabric softener brand "Farfa". Until now, it was sold only at online shops and some stores, but from the beginning of March, the number of stores handling it will be expanded nationwide.

Furfa Kokoro is a laundry series that "wraps clothes and bare skin gently and carefully". We have a lineup of laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dishwashing detergents.

Fahfa heart washing detergent
Simple and clean bottle design

Laundry detergent uses a "clear cleansing prescription" that thoroughly removes dirt on regular and dry courses. It also contains a color care ingredient that suppresses discoloration due to washing, and carefully cleans clothes.

Detergent / softener for washing
Antibacterial and deodorant effects suppress unpleasant odors caused by drying the room

The fabric softener has a water absorption rate 1.3 times that of conventional products and a quick-drying formula, resulting in a smooth finish. For the scent, a special technology called the headspace method that reproduces the natural scent as it is is adopted, and the scent of gardenia (gardenia) and jasmine made from French organic essential oil spreads.

Detergent / softener for washing
A sweet scent of gardenia and jasmine after a refreshing green grass

After washing, it has a sweet scent while it is dried, but when it dries, the scent weakens and when you bring your nose closer, it smells soft. The natural scent of being in a flower shop was different from the image of the snuggle so far, and it felt very comfortable.

The dishwashing liquid contains "trehalose," a natural moisturizing ingredient that moisturizes and keeps the skin smooth. It is characterized by its detergency that removes oil well.

Farfa heart dishwashing liquid
Fafa Cocoro Dishwashing Liquid (240ml (8.12us fl oz))

Refills are also available, and the prices are open. Why don't you refresh your spring housework?