Millet biscuits for storage
Millet by the side at any time

Kanpan, which has always been a major emergency food. Sometimes it's unavoidable to eat as the shelf life approaches, but it doesn't taste like a biscuit ...

Image of disaster prevention hardtack
It's not bad at all, and this is fine ...

Today, when awareness of disaster prevention is increasing, I would like to introduce "Millet Biscuit for Preservation" that can be stored for a long time. "Millet biscuits" made as an emergency food for disasters.

Millet biscuits for storage
I bought it at Kinokuniya and the price was 594 yen (tax included).

This product is a non-fried biscuit that does not use milk or eggs. It can be stored for a long period of 5 years from the time of manufacture, and is a "Kochi Prefecture Disaster Prevention Related Industry Exchange Association Certified Product".

Millet biscuits for storage

Millet biscuits for storage
How to use the disaster message dial

It's for storage, but I'm really worried about the taste and opened it. The surface was packed with pretty biscuits engraved with "MIRE".

Millet biscuits for storage
I have to taste it

Biscuits with a smooth texture that is not too hard. It does not have the aroma and saltiness of ordinary millet, but has a simple and gentle sweetness like sweets for young children.

Millet biscuits for storage
It tasted like a biscuit for kids

I thought, "If that millet is clogged, it will disappear in an instant," but this is a delicious taste that I can't stop. The biscuit contains 200g (7.05oz), and the calories per 100g (3.53oz) is 431kcal. Please consider it when checking the storage millet and disaster prevention supplies that are likely to be healed even in stressful situations!