Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
2 roles in 1 unit! Air purifier that is nice even in a small room

It is a time when more and more people are considering home appliances for a new life. Nowadays, we are exposed to various threats such as influenza, pollen and PM2.5 all year round, and air-conditioning appliances such as humidifiers and air purifiers are no longer a necessity.

Introducing this time is Iris Ohyama's "humidifying air purifier," which is compact yet has a "humidifying / air purifying function." It is compatible with rooms with a floor area of up to 8 tatami mats, and is a product for studios and bedrooms (air purification function supports up to 10 tatami mats).

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
"Humidified air purifier" (RHF-251)

The installation area is about A4 size, and the height is about 51 cm. Equipped with a water tank for humidification at the top, it can be attached and detached without taking an unreasonable posture.

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
The installation area is almost A4 size (A4 paper is laid underneath)

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
Easy to take the tank

Collect allergens with a 3-layer filter

The filters of the air purifier are "pre-filter" that collects pet hair and dust, "activated carbon filter" that suppresses odors of cigarettes and pets in general, and "HEPA filter" that catches allergens and mold spores. Reliable 3-layer structure. It sucks from the left, right, and bottom, and clean air is discharged from the ventilation port on the back.

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
Filter when the front cover is removed

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
From the left, pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
A structure called a fan behind it

The air purifier is a performance that allows the author of hay fever to sleep comfortably. There is also a "quiet mode" for the three levels of air volume, so I was able to drive without worrying while sleeping.

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"

Clean with steam humidification

Another feature of this product is that it uses a "steam type" humidification function. The case of an elderly person being infected with Legionella from an ultrasonic humidifier is still fresh in our memory, but the steam type is said to be relatively clean because it is humidified with water that has been heated once.

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
When you put tap water in the tank

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
It is heated and steam comes out

Since it heats the water, it always makes a "copocopo ..." sound during use, but it is a level that is not noticeable in everyday life. I had the impression that the humidification speed was much faster than the ultrasonic humidifier because the steam spreads throughout the room along with the air from the air purifier.

Humidification stops automatically when the water runs out. It also has an off timer and a function that automatically adjusts the amount of humidification when the target humidity (standard is 50%) is reached, so you can use it with confidence without worrying about overheating. * The air purifying function will continue to operate even if humidification is stopped.

Iris Ohyama "Humidified Air Purifier"
The current humidity is also displayed. There was no error with the hygrometer in the room.

However, if you put it in the bedroom, you may be worried about the sound of humidification depending on the installation location. It may be necessary to drive and turn off before going to bed.

How to care?

The inside of the humidifier needs to be cleaned about once every two weeks, and when the lamp lights up, the humidifier heater needs to be cleaned with citric acid. It takes the same amount of time and effort as a general humidifier.

On the other hand, the pre-filter sucks dust with a vacuum cleaner about once a month, and it is necessary to replace the filter of the air purifier once every two years. Please note that neglecting either of these may cause performance degradation or malfunction.

Also for pollen measures ◎

Humidifiers are said to be effective against pollen because they attach moisture to pollen and make it difficult for them to fly up. In early spring, when it is still easy to dry, a humidified air purifier seems to be able to efficiently do it with one unit, including measures against infectious diseases such as influenza. The price of this product is around 12,000 yen. From the usability, it was an impression that the cost performance was quite good.