Hair care brand "Merit" is improved and newly released

Kao's hair care brand "Merit" (4 products) will be improved and released on April 14th. The price is open.

Four new products will be released: "Shampoo," "Conditioner," "Rinse-free shampoo," and "Rinse-free shampoo cool type." Focusing on "comfort to wash", we have newly adopted "dust shield technology" that makes it difficult for hair to get dirty and dusty. It has been improved so that it feels light and comfortable for a day after washing.

The design has also been redesigned. It reflects the desire for a package color that makes it difficult to mistake shampoo and conditioner, a design that fits in the bathroom, and an easy-to-use refill container.

The outline of each product is as follows. The contents of each are 200 ml for regular, 480 ml for pump, and 340 ml for refill.

■ Merit Shampoo non-silicone prescription. A gentle scent of natural floral.

■ Advantages Conditioner name changed from rinse to conditioner. A gentle scent of natural floral.

■ Advantages A gentle scent of natural floral with a shampoo rinse component that does not require a rinse.

■ Advantages Rinse-free shampoo Cool type menthol (cooling agent) and rinse ingredients are included. Refreshing mint scent.