KALDI "Drip Coffee & Original Pottery Tumbler Set"

I want to give it to my dad who loves coffee! From June 1st, two limited sets of seasonal coffee will be on sale at each KALDI Coffee Farm store and online shop.

"Drip coffee & original pottery tumbler set" is a set of pottery tumbler with a calm Japanese atmosphere and seasonal charcoal-roasted coffee "Father's Blend". The capacity of the tumbler is about 260 ml, which is ideal for tea and alcohol. 1,112 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

KALDI "Drip Coffee & Original Pottery Tumbler Set"
One point is coffee beans

The "Mizudashi Coffee Set" is a set of an original pot and "Ice Blend" that allows you to make authentic watered iced coffee. Simply pour water and brew in the refrigerator for 8 hours to make a full-fledged cold brew coffee. The price is 1,112 yen.

KALDI "Watered Coffee Set"
Watering pot with a summer-like design

In addition, there are plenty of items that are perfect for gourmet fathers, such as "Father's Blend" sold by weight and the new flavor of "Mucho Aloha", a craft beer from the West Coast of the United States. Check it out for Father's Day on June 17th.

KALDI "Father's Blend"
"Father's Blend" 200g (7.05oz), 695 yen

KALDI "Mucho Aloha Pacific Pils"
A refreshing and easy-to-drink pilsner appears in the craft beer "Mucho Aloha" from the west coast