Look Plus Bath Antifungal Smoke Agent
How to prevent black mold before it occurs?

Black mold in the bathroom is troublesome when it occurs during the rainy season when the humidity is high. The author, who hates cleaning the bath most of all household chores, is planning every day to find out how easy it is to avoid it.

In order to prevent the growth of mold on a regular basis, it is important to create an environment in which mold does not easily grow. This time, we will introduce the points of countermeasures and useful items.

"Soap scum" is also used for daily cleaning

Black mold nourishes the main stains in the bathroom, such as sebum stains, red stains, and soap scum. Sebum and red can be easily removed by rinsing while the bathroom is still warm, but it is difficult to remove soap scum that has become white due to sticking to bath chairs and washbasins with ordinary surfactants alone.

Bath soap scum
White with soap scum and scale

Soap scum may adhere to cover the mold, and you want to remove it together with other stains. This year, some bathroom cleaners that focus on this soap scum have appeared, so if you incorporate them into your daily cleaning, you can save yourself the trouble of using them properly.

Scrubbing bubble Bath cleaner resistant to soap scum
"Scrubbing bubble soap scum resistant bath cleaner" with a new prescription that "removes 99.9% soap scum"

Scrubbing bubble Bath cleaner resistant to soap scum
Gentle scent without pungent odor

Scrubbing bubble Bath cleaner resistant to soap scum
"Bath Magic Lin Foaming Spray SUPER CLEAN" that firmly removes hot water stains and soap scum with rich foam

Scrubbing bubble Bath cleaner resistant to soap scum
The bubbling is amazing!

How to make the cleaning effect last longer?

Humidity and temperature rise in the bathroom after bathing, creating an environment that molds like. In addition to ventilation with windows and ventilation fans, it is recommended to take a cold shower over the entire bathroom or wipe off water droplets.

Image of bath shower
You can lower the temperature with a water shower

Draining wiper satto
Do not leave water as much as possible

Alcohol (absolute ethanol) is also effective in preventing mold. As a finishing touch, soak it in a rag or towel and wipe it off to remove any remaining bacteria.

Wipe with absolute ethanol
Soak in alcohol and wipe it ◎

However, wiping the ceiling and walls is quite hard work, isn't it? That's where "Look Plus Bath Antifungal Smoke Agent" comes in handy.

Look Plus Bath Antifungal Smoke Agent
This is convenient

This is an antifungal agent (not a mold remover) that spreads silver ion smoke to every corner of the bathroom when a small amount of water is poured and eliminates the causative bacteria of black mold. It is also recommended for busy people as it can sterilize bath products and children's toys all at once.

Look Plus Bath Antifungal Smoke Agent
Add a small amount of water

Look Plus Bath Antifungal Smoke Agent
Just leave it for about 90 minutes. Use frequency is OK once every two months

If you already have stubborn black mold, first remove the mold. It won't come off just by rubbing, so rely on a powerful detergent such as the "Mold Dash" series introduced earlier.

Mold remover "Mold Dash"
Let's do our best to remove the existing mold

Mold in the bath that you want to prevent before you can see it. Let's get rid of the rainy season with a little care!