Kikusudo Pink Potato Chips
If you find it, buy it!

Kikusudo delivers freshly made potato chips from the Saitama factory. Did you know that "pink potato chips," which were previously sold only at the company's online shop, have been sold at some Seijo Ishii stores since mid-June?

Kikusudo potato chips
That Kikusudo potato chips ...

Kikusudo Pink Potato Chips
In pink! 65g (2.29oz), 390 yen (excluding tax)

The raw material is "Lady j", a potato containing anthocyanins born in Nagasaki prefecture. In addition, potato chips made from simple ingredients such as rice oil, palm oil, and salt allow you to enjoy the taste of potatoes that gradually spread as you chew. The fluffy, crispy and light texture of the original direct fire fryer is also alive and well. I can't stop pinching ...!

Kikusudo Pink Potato Chips
It was a little softer than regular potato chips

A little unusual potato chips with a cute pink appearance. How about watching soccer games?