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This heat is likely to continue

This summer, where the heat and heat continue to be intense in various places. An air conditioner is indispensable in situations where you may suffer from heat stroke even if you are indoors. Is it working properly this year as well?

According to Daikin, a manufacturer specializing in air conditioners, when you feel that the air conditioner is not effective, it may be due to the surrounding environment of the outdoor unit as well as the indoor unit. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the checkpoints that the company will guide.

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The heart of the air conditioner is the "outdoor unit"

An air conditioner is an air conditioner home appliance that includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit removes heat from the air in the room, and the indoor unit sends the cool air from which the heat has been removed to the room again, and so on to cool the room.

Points for improving air conditioner performance by Daikin

Points for improving air conditioner performance by Daikin
How the air conditioner cools the room

The heat removed indoors is released from the outdoor unit to the outside by a substance called "refrigerant" that passes through the pipe. Therefore, if the outside air temperature around the outdoor unit becomes too high (the temperature difference between the outside air temperature and the refrigerant becomes small), the cooling efficiency will decrease and the effectiveness of the air conditioner may weaken.

Points for checking and reviewing outdoor units

1. Outdoor unit awning

Points for improving air conditioner performance by Daikin
The point is to prevent direct sunlight

The balcony, where outdoor units are often installed, can get as hot as 45 degrees depending on the installation conditions and weather conditions. Install the outdoor unit in the shade, place a plant about 1 m away from the outdoor unit, or put a blind on it to create a shade.

2. Outdoor unit outlet

Points for improving air conditioner performance by Daikin
Hot air comes out because it releases heat

While the air conditioner is operating, the outdoor unit constantly dissipates heat in order to dissipate the heat inside the room to the outside. Therefore, be careful not to put anything near or around the outlet of the outdoor unit or cover it with a cover. If the outlet is blocked, the hot air that is released will be sucked in again, and the cooling efficiency will drop significantly.

Improves performance by blocking the heat of the sun!

Points for improving air conditioner performance by Daikin

In order to bring out the performance of the air conditioner, it is also important to keep the heat of the sun out of the room as much as possible. The easiest way is to close the curtains and blinds, but it is effective to choose a "white" or light-shielding type that repels light and infrared rays.

It is also effective to use "Yoshizu" and "Sudare" to block from outside the room. Also, if you make a "green curtain" with vines such as loofah, bitter gourd, and morning glory, you can not only block the sun, but also take away the heat of the air when the water in the leaves evaporates, and you can feel the cool breeze.

Don't forget to check and clean the indoor unit

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Care for the filter diligently

There is a filter at the entrance that sucks in the air of the air conditioner, and if there is dust or dirt, it will block the air passage.

According to Daikin, cleaning once every two weeks can save about 5% of electricity, and conversely, if you don't clean it for a year, it will be a waste of about 25%. You can clean it just by vacuuming it, so you should check it regularly (if it is very dirty, soak it in lukewarm water and wash it).

Did you find anything you were interested in in light of your home? Please take this opportunity to review the air-conditioning environment and spend an energy-saving and comfortable summer!

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