How to use Minigrip on a trip
Must-see for those who are preparing from now on!

In August, summer vacation is finally at its peak. I think many people will go home or travel during the Obon holidays.

Packing is inevitable before a fun trip. This time, we will introduce an efficient packing method that allows you to smoothly put in and take out and organize your luggage even in the field.

I use the "Ziplock" series, which I also use regularly. With reference to the event "Pack Your Travel! #Ziploc Exhibition" currently being held in Omotesando, Tokyo, I picked up ideas that I would like to imitate right now.

1. For organizing clothes

How to use Ziplock Travel
Easy to find because you can see the inside

The L size freezer bag and easy zipper are ideal for storing one or two pieces of clothing. Not only is it easy to find in a suitcase, but if you decide on a coordinate for each schedule, you can save yourself the trouble of thinking locally.

Because it can be tightly sealed, it is also convenient for storing dirty flip-flops and shoes. However, large shoes may not fit, so be sure to check for men's items.

How to use Ziplock Travel

2. For simple compression of clothing

How to use Ziplock Travel
No need for a compression bag!

Bulky towels and knits can be compressed without putting too much strain on the garment by closing it while pushing the air out by hand. The down jacket is also quite compact, so I recommend it.

How to use Ziplock Travel

3. Utilize outstanding waterproof power

How to use Ziplock Travel
Operation is OK from the top of the bag

A zip lock that boasts outstanding waterproof power if you close your mouth tightly. You can prevent water from getting wet inside and outside by inserting electronic devices such as smartphones and chargers and used folding umbrellas.

How to use Ziplock Travel
Wet umbrella is in as it is

4. For delicate accessories

How to use Ziplock Travel
Enjoy fashion to your heart's content

Guard fragile accessories in a zip lock container or screw lock. You can prevent it from being squeezed by your luggage and damaged.

5. Lighter makeup pouch

How to use Ziplock Travel

Makeup tools and pouches that are unexpectedly bulky in women's luggage. You can reduce the weight by reviewing the necessary items and transferring them to the Easy Zipper.

6. Anywhere laundry kit

How to use Ziplock Travel

For long trips, it is convenient to bring laundry goods together in a freezer bag. If you put the washing liquid in the freezer bag, you can wash clothes efficiently with less water.

7. Souvenir arrangement

How to use Ziplock Travel
No need to worry if the liquid leaks

Great for packing when arriving on the way home. If you collect souvenirs for sowing in one bag or classify them according to the person who gives them, the work after returning home will be smooth. You can hand it in a zip lock instead of a small bag ♪

How was the usage that seems to make preparations for the trip easier? Please try what you are interested in!

Outline of "Pack Your Travel! #Ziploc Exhibition Traveling the World"
Date: August 1st-August 31st Time: 11: 00-19: 00 Price: Free Venue: HIS Travel, Books and Coffee Omotesando (4-3-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Barbizon 7th Building)