Liquid toothpaste "Gum dental rinse for long-term storage"
Oral care in the event of a disaster is important

Sunstar's periodontal disease care brand "GUM" will release "Gum Dental Rinse for Long-Term Storage", a liquid toothpaste for disaster prevention storage that can be stored for a long period of 5 years. ..

A product for disaster prevention stockpiling that enables storage for 5 years by sealing a gum dental rinse bottle, which normally has a validity period of 3 years, with an aluminum bag. It has been sold to governments and companies since last year, but now it will be sold to the general public.

Liquid toothpaste "Gum dental rinse for long-term storage"

Even in situations where water is scarce, such as during disaster evacuation, toothpaste is possible without using water. Put an appropriate amount (about 10 mL) of the product in the mouth, spread it well for about 20 seconds, and then brush it with a toothbrush before use.

The capacity is 250 ml, and the suggested retail price is 750 yen (excluding tax). The company will accept mail-order sales by telephone and fax from September 18, and plans to start selling at the Sunstar online shop from around the end of November.