Hello Chocolate Meiji

"Hello, Chocolate by meiji", a chocolate experience facility where you can enjoy "new sensation tasting" using VR (virtual reality) and video / audio, opened on November 19th on the 1st floor of the Meiji Kyobashi Building in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

There are two main plans that you can experience with Hello, Chocolate by meiji.

One is "TOUR" where you can enjoy farm tours in VR and "visualized tasting" using video and audio. You can also observe a demonstration of the manufacturing process from cacao beans to chocolate.

It takes 1 hour and the participation fee is 500 yen (with chocolate souvenirs). It is a plan where you can easily learn about chocolate while having fun.

Hello Chocolate Meiji

The other is "LESSON", a plan for people who want to deepen their knowledge. "Freshly made chocolate demonstration" where you can observe and sample the manufacturing process, "Tasting" where you can learn about the individuality of cacao beans and how the taste changes depending on the composition, and hone your tasting skills. There are "Mariage Edition" to learn about, and "Special Edition" with different contents depending on the times such as talk live and package craft workshop.

Participation fee starts from 3000 yen (depending on the content). The instructor is a Meiji employee who is involved in chocolate development, research, and marketing. Suppose you want to deliver live information.

Hello Chocolate Meiji

All participation requires advance reservation. Apply from the Hello, Chocolate by meiji website. Why don't you let your love for chocolate radiate not only by eating it but also by knowing it?