Seijo Ishii "Devil's Rice Ball"
The hottest rice balls are in Seijo Ishii!

Various gourmet foods such as "soy milk ice cream " and "anhydrous oil pot" (recent favorites) that freeze soy milk in packs became a hot topic on Twitter this year as well. I found that one of them, "Devil's Onigiri", is on sale at Seijo Ishii! I would like to introduce it because it was so delicious.

Seijo Ishii "Devil's Rice Ball"
I never thought I would find the name "Devil's ..." at Seijo Ishii

Devil's rice balls are rice balls that are made by mixing rice with tenkasu, tentsuyu, and green laver. The origin of the name is that it is delicious and you eat too much.

Seijo Ishii's devil rice ball is rice mixed with sakura shrimp, green laver, tenkasu, etc. and seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce. The price is 199 yen (excluding tax) per piece, which is higher than the convenience store, but it is packed with rice and you can eat more than one regular rice ball.

Seijo Ishii "Devil's Rice Ball"
Plenty of ingredients and thick

The taste you are interested in is like "Tenmusu, which is very easy to eat" in a word, due to the tag of Tenkasu and Sakura shrimp. The scent of green laver rocky shore is added to it, making it addictive ...!

Furthermore, if you heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, the rice will come loose easily, and it will look like a bowl of rice and it will be delicious. As expected, I couldn't eat two or three, but I had the charm of choosing one if I was lined up. It seems that it is sold only at Seijo Ishii's kitchen store, so if you are lucky enough to see it, please try it ♪