Tiger grill pan

Tiger has released a grill pan that plays the three roles of a deep pan, a takoyaki plate, and a hot plate. Limited sale at the company's online shop. The price is 13,824 yen.

The deep pot is an open flame type that is convenient for preparation. Far-red processing is applied to bring out the umami of the material, and the coating resistance is about twice that of the conventional product.

Although it is compact, it is deep (about 6.5 cm) and has a capacity of about 4 adults (about 3.7 L). With a handle that is convenient for putting on and taking off and carrying.

Tiger grill pan

In addition to this, there is a "takoyaki plate" that can bake 19 pieces at a time and a "corrugated plate with a vegetable zone" that is convenient for grilled meat.

Tiger grill pan
Takoyaki plate

Tiger grill pan
Corrugated plate with vegetable zone

Product name: Grill pan CQG-B30N
Body color: Brown Power consumption: 1100W
Temperature control range: Heat retention ~ 240 degrees Body size: Width 40.2 x Height 19.1 x Depth 36 cm
Weight: Approximately 4.9 kg