Aroma water for humidifier
Recommended items this winter!

Ultrasonic humidifiers that are quiet and often have a high design. You can be healed just by looking at the mist that sways.

Aroma water for humidifier
Maybe many people have one? (The image is an image)

"Aroma water for humidifiers" has recently been attracting attention on SNS as an item that allows you to enjoy aroma with the mist. Among the various products lined up in the humidifier section, we would like to introduce two products that have a particularly good scent.

■ Aroma water with a Japanese scent

Aroma water for humidifier
Daily Aroma Japan "Aroma Water Lemon" 1,360 yen (tax included, same below)

Aroma water for ultrasonic humidifiers sold by Daily Aroma Japan. Eucalyptus essential oil, green tea extract, and persimmon astringent extract are all blended, including essential oils that are particular about the "Japanese scent" such as yuzu and cherry blossoms.

This lemon is a luxurious blend of essential oils extracted from Setouchi lemons. Add 1 cap to 1 L of water in the tank to dilute and use as usual. You can refresh yourself with the refreshing scent of lemon.

Aroma water for humidifier
Just put it in a tank of water

Aroma water for humidifier
Lemon looks good in study rooms and offices

■ "John's Blend" to create an elegant room

Aroma water for humidifier
Nor Corporation "John's Blend Aroma Water Musk Jasmine" 1,728 yen

It is the aroma water of the "John's Blend" series that can produce a fashionable aroma that makes you feel like you are in a store. As before, it is an fragrance that is diluted in a humidifier or aroma diffuser.

Among the series, the musk scent is highly favored by fashionable girls. It has a cleanliness and sweetness like soap, but it is not intentional, and it has a scent that is easy for everyone to enjoy. Cost performance is also ◎ because one can be used 100 times or more.

Aroma water for humidifier
There are 4 types of scents. "RED WINE" had a grape-like scent (see: Nor Corporation official online shopping site)

important point

Since the aroma water is put directly into the tank, it is essential to take care of it more diligently than usual. Change the water daily and let it dry frequently. You may want to choose a humidifier that can be washed with your hands.

Also, the one introduced this time is a type that dilutes about 200 times, but if you add too much, you may feel uncomfortable, so please adjust from a small amount. Be careful, especially if you are using it in a closed bedroom, as the scent tends to be muffled. Also, do not inhale the mist directly or get it in your eyes.

Convenient aroma water that makes your room more comfortable at the same time as humidifying. You can use it even if the humidifier does not have a tray for aroma oil, so please try it this winter!