Kao, Concentrated Liquid Detergent for Clothing "Attack ZERO"
I'm worried about my ability!

Kao will release "Attack ZERO", a concentrated liquid detergent for clothing, on April 1st. The first product based on "Bio IOS," the "best cleaning base in Kao's history," which the company independently researched and developed.

Chemical fiber products that account for nearly 40% of households due to the widespread use of various high-performance clothing such as moisture absorption and quick drying, heat retention, and shape memory. However, oily stains such as sebum on the chemical fibers are harder to remove than cotton, and the accumulation of these stains causes odor, darkening, and deterioration of the touch.

"Attack ZERO", which has "the highest detergency in the history of attack liquid", adsorbs these oily stains and demonstrates high detergency. Achieves "zero cleaning" that leaves no dry odor or detergent.

In addition to normal washing machines, the lineup also includes "Attack ZERO drum type only", which is ideal for washing with a small amount of water. You can also choose a container with a one-hand push structure that is easy to measure with one hand.

Kao, Concentrated Liquid Detergent for Clothing "Attack ZERO"
In addition to the normal washing machine, a drum type dedicated (right) is also available.

Kao, Concentrated Liquid Detergent for Clothing "Attack ZERO"
Introduced a universal design container that can be weighed with one hand