Sausage egg muffins with Costco ingredients
That taste at an amazing price

"Morning Mac", which I personally love, but I can't go to eat until 10:30 (it's a hassle to get dressed ...). The other day, I was shopping at Costco and thought, "Maybe I can reproduce it at home?", So I tried to verify the taste and cost.

Image of morning mac
I wish I could eat Mack in the morning all day long (the image is from my sister site Ene)

I aimed for a set of "sausage egg muffin" and "hash potato", which is a combination of sausage and plump egg. I bought the following products for that purpose.

Costco "Breakfast Patty" "Hash Brown"

・ Jones Breakfast Patty

Costco "Jones Breakfast Patty"
This is the leading role

Frozen American hamburger steak made from pork. McDonald's original sausage patties are also pork, so I thought the taste would be similar. It was 1,698 yen (tax included, same below) for 30 sheets, so it is calculated to be about 56 yen per sheet.

It can be thawed in the microwave, but this time it is cooked in a frying pan with a fried egg. The oil gradually oozes out and it burns deliciously.

Costco "Jones Breakfast Patty"

・ McCain Hash Brown

Costco "McCain Hash Brown"
Costco size!

It is a Canadian hash brown potato that contains more than 2 kg, which is a famous role that is personally indispensable for morning macs. It's a great deal of 899 yen (27 yen per sheet) for 2.26 kg, but don't forget to secure space in the freezer.

As it is an unheated food, it can be cooked in an oven, frying pan, or fryer. I chose a frying pan in consideration of time and effort. Add oil to a depth of about 5 mm, turn it over for about 10 minutes, and when it turns brown, it is complete.

Costco "McCain Hash Brown"
If you use a frying pan, you can use less oil.

・ Authentic English Muffin

Costco "Authentic English Muffin"

Of course, English muffins sandwich the prepared ingredients. Costco costs 388 yen for 12 pieces and 32 yen for each piece. If you can't eat it, slice it in half and freeze it for the next time you use it.

Costco "Authentic English Muffin"
Finally finished!

In addition, fried eggs (about 20 yen) and sliced cheese (about 20 yen) are available. If you put cheese, patties, and fried eggs on top of the toasted muffins in that order, the appearance is exactly the morning mac ...!

Costco "Authentic English Muffin"

Costco "Authentic English Muffin"
Oh ~

The texture of the crispy outside and the chewy muffins with eggs, juicy sausages, and melted cheese was almost perfectly reproduced, but the taste of the sausage patties was a little different from McDonald's. However, it is spicy and meaty, which goes well with it.

Costco "Authentic English Muffin"
I wonder if sausages are in the hands of Mac

Hash browns that are crispy and roasted are also slightly salty and can't be stopped ...! If you make it at home, be careful not to overeat.

Costco "Authentic English Muffin"
These grains are the best

Although it is only an estimate, the cost of ingredients for the homemade morning mac set is 155 yen. It's a great deal compared to eating at McDonald's ♪ Patties and hash browns are frozen foods that are easy to stock, so why not incorporate them into your breakfast on holidays?