Recommended imported sweets from business supermarkets
Exotic taste at coffee time

A business supermarket that has a wide variety of imported sweets that you have never seen, as well as commercial ingredients, and will tickle your adventurous spirit. In rare cases, it may be "Hmm ...?", So I'm not careful, but this time I will introduce three types without losing for those who do not want to fail.

■ Very similar to that candy! "Cafe Crisp"

Business supermarket cafe crisp

Belgian "Anna Faggio" brand cinnamon biscuits "Cafe Crisp". When you bite into a biscuit with a light texture, the scent of cinnamon and the sweetness of caramel spread. The taste is similar to the caramel biscuits of Belgium "Lotus"! I often eat it, but if I blindfold it, it's at a level that I can't tell at all (Is this one a little weaker in cinnamon?).

Business supermarket cafe crisp
Light and fragrant cinnamon biscuits

Lotus Biskov
Just like Lotus Biskov. What kind of position is it in your home country ...

Moreover, the cafe crisps are 25 pieces and are 178 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below), which is a great deal! Considering its popularity, it might be called "generic lotus" ... By the way, Anna Faggio also seems to be a long-established manufacturer.

■ Devil's sweets? "Butter waffle"

Business supermarket butter waffle
250g (8.82oz), price is 275 yen

The Belgian "butter waffle" continues. A Belgian standard butter cookie that uses 20% butter, and other ingredients such as flour, sugar, and eggs are very simple.

Business supermarket butter waffle
Thin cookies

The dough with a checkered pattern has a crunchy and chewy texture. The richness and sweetness of butter spreads slowly as you chew, and it is simple but delicious. The sweetness is also moderately addictive, which makes the other hand stretch. However, please note that it is extremely high in calories!

Business supermarket butter waffle
Once opened, it cannot be sealed, so to fight self-control

■ Melting syrup "Stroopwafel"

Stroopwafel of business supermarket
8 pieces, price is 198 yen

The last is the traditional Dutch sweet "Stroopwafel". The syrup is sandwiched between thin crispy waffles, and it is common to place it on a cup of hot drink and eat it after the syrup has softened (it is OK to warm it lightly with a toaster).

Stroopwafel of business supermarket
The diameter is about 8.5 cm. Please note the size of the cup

Stroopwafel of business supermarket
The syrup melts from the waffle

The cinnamon-scented sticky syrup has a sweetness that is well-balanced with black coffee. You can spend a break time like a cafe just by adding one to the cup.

All of them are reasonably priced for imported confectionery and contain plenty of quantity, which is unique to business supermarkets. There are times when it doesn't arrive easily, but if you see it, you can buy it immediately! * Prices are at the time of purchase