KALDI "Spring Coffee Bag"

"Spring coffee bag" is now available at KALDI Coffee Farm. It will be on sale from April 1st. The price (tax included) is 1,600 yen.

A product that includes an "original tote bag" and four types of coffee. The original tote bag has a goat-designed charm and side pockets. The approximate size is 22 cm in length x 29 cm in width x 17 cm in gusset, and the handle is 30 cm. Coffee is a combination of the popular classic blend "Special Blend" and three types of straight coffee limited to bags.

KALDI "Spring Coffee Bag"

KALDI "Spring Coffee Bag"

The details of coffee are as follows.

1. 1. Special blend (200g (7.05oz))
It has a firm mouthfeel. A deep blend characterized by the depth of bitterness and acidity.

2. Nicaragua Dipilto District (120g (4.23oz))
The Dipilto district, which is famous as a high-quality production area. A refreshing coffee reminiscent of apple tea and citrus fruits.

3. 3. East Timor Ermera Hatria District (120g (4.23oz))
East Timor has become known as a new coffee producing region in Asia. You can enjoy a mellow and exotic finish by finishing it in a deep roast.

Four. Brazil Monte Alto Farm Bourbon (120g (4.23oz))
A historic farm that has protected quality and the environment for seven generations. A well-balanced coffee with caramel-like sweetness and acidity reminiscent of ripe cherries.

"Spring Coffee Bags" are sold at the KALDI Coffee Farm store and the official online shop. It is a limited quantity product and will end as soon as it runs out. You can purchase up to 10 pieces per person at the store, and there may be a limit on the number of pieces at the online shop.