New color "Pink Brown" of "Dejavu Eyebrow Color"

The new color "Pink Brown" of "Dejavu Eyebrow Color" will be released on December 24th. Available at variety stores and official Imyu online stores nationwide. The price is 880 yen (tax included).

Dejavu Eyebrow Color Pink Brown

An item that firmly colors the eyebrows while retaining the soft and natural texture of the eyebrows. "Card house structure" that coats each eyebrow with a film layer like Millefeuille. While suppressing the color of your own eyebrows, it beautifully enhances the coloring and tone.

Dejavu Eyebrow Color Card House Structure

The shortest diameter of the brush is 3mm. The eyebrows that grow along the skin are also raised from the roots, and each one is combed to color the tips. The liquid does not easily adhere to the skin, and you can style the hair as you wish from the inside of the eyebrows to the edges of the eyebrows.

"Dejavu Eyebrow Color" Brush

As it is a film type, it is resistant to sebum, sweat and rubbing, and keeps a beautiful finish. It can be easily removed with just hot water. Contains beauty ingredients that are gentle on the eyebrows and skin.

The new color "Pink Brown" is a control color concept that raises the impression of the entire face with eyebrow makeup. The brown color has a slight redness, and the eyebrows are colored firmly to add a complexion to the entire eye area. Since it is a nuanced pink with dullness, it fits well on the skin and matches not only reddish hair color but also light brown to slightly dark hair color.

New color "Pink Brown" of "Dejavu Eyebrow Color"