Gashapon “Pon de Couleur Mofusand Multi Color Powder”

Gashapon “Pon de Couleur Mofusand Multi Color Powder”

``Pon de Couleur Mofusand Multicolor Powder'' is now available from the cosmetics brand ``CreerBeaute'' operated by Bandai. It will be sold sequentially from April at Gashapon vending machines nationwide. There are 5 types in total, and the price is 500 yen (tax included).

Pon de Couleur mofusand multicolor powder

The Pon de Couleur series is a full-fledged cosmetic product for adults that comes in a closed package. We offer multi-colored powders that can be used as both eye shadow and face color. A beautiful design is printed on the top of the transparent case.

Gashapon “Pon de Couleur Mofusand Multi Color Powder”

The powder comes in a variety of colors that match the character's worldview. It has a smooth feel but has a close fit, so it can be used regardless of the season or location. In addition to colors that are easy to use on a daily basis, such as gorgeous pinks and oranges, and browns that are perfect for tones, we also offer distinctive colors such as lavender and light blue. This color powder allows you to enjoy different nuances by layering it with your existing cosmetics.

Gashapon "Pon de Couleur Mofusand Multi Color Powder"

Product size is approximately 42mm in diameter and 12mm thick. It's compact and doesn't take up much space in your pouch, making it perfect for carrying around to touch up your makeup.


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