AND BY ROMAND “Mellow Stick Cheek” “Glassy Milky Tone Up”

AND BY ROMAND “Mellow Stick Cheek” “Glassy Milky Tone Up”

``Mellow Stick Cheek'' and ``Glassy Milky Tone Up'' are now available from &nd by rom&nd. It will be on sale at Lawson stores from March 29th. The price is 990 yen each (tax included).

mellow stick cheek

Convenient stick type cheek. Contains pearls and can be used for multiple purposes other than cheeks as a highlight or eye shadow.

AND BY ROMAND “Mellow Stick Cheek”

VI01 Milk Lavender [br /]A faint pink lavender pearl with no whitish taste. It can be used when you want to add some shine or as a highlight.

BR01 Rose Woody [br /]A calm yet vibrant rose beige pearl. It contains just the right amount of gold pearls and is also recommended as an eye shadow.

glassy milky tone up

SPF50+/PA++++ cuts UV rays while tone-up. It thoroughly covers redness and yellowness, giving your skin a natural-looking finish.

AND BY ROMAND “Glassy Milky Tone Up”

BE01 Milky Ivory [br /]Creates a natural skin tone while covering redness.

PK01 Milky Peach [br /]Creates clear skin while covering the yellowness of the skin.

&nd by rom&nd

Launched on March 31, 2023 as a co-brand with the domestic convenience store ``Lawson'', based on the cosmetics brand ``ROM&nd'' that started in South Korea in 2016. The products are characterized by quality and product development based on ROM&ND's development know-how and analysis of popular colors, easy-to-purchase prices, and mini size that does not add bulk even in a pouch. Based on the concept of "small happiness in your day," the brand aims to allow you to experience the three types of happiness: the happiness of discovery, the happiness of shopping, and the happiness of makeup at a convenience store, which is a familiar place.

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