[Autumn/Winter 2023] Latest convenience store cosmetics summary

[Autumn/Winter 2023] Convenience store cosmetics summary 7-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart

We have put together a list of affordable convenience store cosmetics that will be released in the fall and winter of 2023. New eye shadows and lipsticks have been released from 7-Eleven ``Paradu'', Lawson ``&nd by rom&nd'', and Family Mart ``sopo''.

7-Eleven "Paradu"

Paradu is a cosmetics brand sold at 7-Eleven. We have a wide lineup of products that are reasonably priced and convenient to carry.

In the winter of 2023, two limited edition “Sakura Vert Lip” products will be released that will lead to cherry-colored lips. Released on November 24th.

Sakura Veil Lip (Plumper)

Paradu "Sakura Vert Lip (Plumper)"

A plumper-type lip serum that leaves your lips feeling fresh and moisturized with plenty of moisture and shine. The color is "RD01 Burning Red Cherry Blossom". The price is 990 yen (tax included, same below).

Sakura Vert Lip (limited package)

Paradu “Sakura Vert Lip (Limited Package)”

A limited edition package that prays for cherry blossoms at Kurumaori Shrine in Arashiyama, Kyoto, which is famous as a famous and power spot for cherry blossoms, and has a symbol of "Happy Cherry Blossoms" on the bottom of the container. The price is 770 yen.

Lawson “&nd by rom&nd” new cosmetics

&nd by rom&nd is a collaboration brand between Korean cosmetics brand ``rom&nd'' and Lawson. Since its launch in March 2023, it has gained attention as “Korean cosmetics available at convenience stores,” and sold 300,000 units within 3 days of its release.

Two colors of “Glassy Bomb Tint” are now available in limited quantities for the holiday season. Released on November 7th.

glassy bomb tint

And Byromand “Glassy Bomb Tint”

In addition to its highly transparent shine, moisture, and long-lasting color, this lip tint features a variety of colors created from ROM&'s popular color analysis. The new colors are "HL01 RED FLAKE," which has a clear complexion and glittering pearls, and "HL02 CORAL SNOW," which is a nude orange with gold pearls. The price is 820 yen.

And Byromand “Glassy Bomb Tint”

FamilyMart “sopo” new cosmetics

sopo is a cosmetics brand that fulfills everyone's desire to try it. The brand debuted in November 2020, and cumulative sales have exceeded 2.5 million units.

New products for fall/winter 2023 include new colors of the ever-popular items ``Eye Palette,'' ``Lipstick,'' ``Color Mascara,'' and ``Nail Polish,'' as well as the brand's first ``Makeup Base,'' ``Concealer,'' and ``Lipstick.'' Balm" is now available. Released on October 24th.

makeup base uv

Sopo "Makeup Base UV"

A makeup base that solves the problems of pores, uneven color, fine lines, and dullness with just one product. The price is 1,980 yen.

liquid concealer

Sopo "Liquid Concealer"

A concealer that responds to the voice of "I want a high-coverage concealer that won't make my skin look crisp!" Colors are "01 Fairlight" and "02 Light". The price is 1,870 yen.

Eye palette 05 nude peach

Sopo “Eye Palette 05 Nude Peach”

“05 Nudie Peach” is a nude yet coral peach key color that gives off a natural complexion. The price is 1,460 yen.

Eye Palette 06 Claire Khaki

Sopo “Eye Palette 06 Claire Khaki”

The key color of “06 Claire Khaki” is khaki beige glitter. The price is 1,460 yen.


Sopo "Lipstick"

Introducing new lipstick colors, ``04 Belle Pink'' and ``05 Sheer Framboise,'' which are easy to use regardless of TPO. The price is 1,430 yen.

lip balm

Sopo "Lip Balm"

A versatile balm that melts smoothly at body temperature and can be used for care, lip base, and lip finishing. The colors are ``01 Mizuame Clear'' and ``02 Mizuame Pink.'' The price is 1,408 yen.

color mascara

Sopo "Color Mascara"

"12 Sheer Dark Navy" is sheer black with 30% navy added. "13 Glossy Ash Brown" is ash brown with 15% gray added. The price is 968 yen.

nail polish

Sopo "Nail Polish"

Introducing 4 new colors (all limited edition colors) with attractive beige-pink tones. The colors are ``20 Nut Dew,'' ``21 Fig Sauce,'' ``22 Rose Quartz Macaron,'' and ``23 Yumekawa Jelly.'' The price is 660 yen.

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