Cezanne "Cezanne Glow Skin Base" and "Cezanne Cheek Blush" in three new colors


"Cezanne Glow Skin Base" and "Cezanne Cheek Blush" 3 New

Colors Cezanne will release a new product "Cezanne Glow Skin Base" and 3 new colors of "Cezanne Cheek Blush" from the beginning of December.

Cezanne Glow Skin


Sezanne "Sezanne Glow Skin Base".

Sezanne Glow Skin Base is a serum-like base that improves skin tone and gives it a luminous glow while bringing out the beauty of the skin. It is a clear color that only contains shine, and is formulated with pearls and glow oil. It dispels pores, dullness, and other skin problems with light and leads to luminous, radiant skin.

It can be applied as a base for creating shine, or layered as a liquid highlighter on the C-zone and other areas where brightness is desired, for a more translucent skin finish. Also contains glow oil (macadamia seed oil, caninabara fruit oil, and squalane) to keep skin moist and smooth.

Contains 79% beauty moisturizing ingredients. It also has a skincare effect while applying makeup. Fragrance-free, tar dye-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, UV absorber-free, paraben-free. Price: 748 yen (tax included).

Sezanne Cheek Blush, 3 new colors

Sezanne "Sezanne Cheek Blush" 3 new colors

Sezanne Cheek Blush, a blush that blends seamlessly into the skin, is now available in three new colors: 03 Milk Mauve, 04 Pure Pink, and 05 Maple Apricot, three new blood-toned colors that are designed to make a good impression and blend well with the skin. The soft finish makes it hard to make mistakes even when applied extensively, and the colors are lovely even when used as eyeshadow.

Contains smooth oil and five kinds of beauty moisturizing ingredients. Even though it is a powder, it is not powdery, and provides a moist feeling as if it blends into the skin. It adheres well to the skin, keeping the complexion looking blood-red from the inside out. Fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, and alcohol-free.

03 Milk Mauve

Cezanne Cheek Blush 03 Milk Mauve

A mauve color with a perfect balance of transparency and blood color.

04 Pure Pink

Cezanne Cheek Blush 04 Pure Pink

A lovely pink color that creates a happy aura with a single application.

05 Maple Apricot

Sezanne Cheek Blush 05 Maple Apricot

An adult apricot color that gives a soft and cozy look.