Shobido Miffy limited design hair care items

Shobido Miffy limited design hair care items

Shobido sells hair care items with Miffy limited designs. Available at variety stores, discount stores, drug stores, etc. nationwide.

MF3 Hair point fixer

Shobido “MF3 Hair Point Fixer”

An instant repair brush that can be used quickly on areas of concern, such as eyebrow hair that comes out even when your hair is neatly set, unruly hair, and bangs that don't stay in place. It catches even short hair and keeps it in a beautiful condition. An easy-to-carry mascara type styling agent that allows you to easily get a natural finish without getting your hands dirty on the go. The price is 858 yen (tax included, same below).

MF3 bangs curler

Shobido “MF3 Hair Point Fixer”

This small rod curler with a diameter of 20mm aims to curl short bangs neatly and give a natural finish. This is a convenient item that can be used not only when applying makeup before going out, but also when you are out and about, without the need for an outlet. The price is 528 yen.

MF3 bangs smooth sheet

Shobido “MF3 bangs smooth sheet”

An item with smooth powder that absorbs excess sebum and sweat, eliminating stickiness and shine. Silica is used as the adsorbent, and since it is a clear powder, there is no need to worry about your hair turning white. Use it on your hairline to prevent stickiness and shine on your forehead. Contains 40 pieces, priced at 528 yen.

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