Yuskin "Yuskin 40g tube, Miffy design


40g (1.41oz) Tube Miffy


Yuskin will sell "Yuskin 40g (1.41oz) Tube Miffy Design" at pharmacies and drugstores nationwide from August. The price is 704 yen (tax included).

As a designated quasi-drug,


Yuskin is effective in healing minor wounds on the horny layer such as "chapped" and "chapped" skin. Many people suffer from rough hands that tend to become severe due to the effects of hand washing and disinfection caused by infection control measures. It is also effective in treating frostbite, a blood circulation disorder caused by sudden changes in temperature.

The active ingredient dl-camphor gives off a pleasant scent that disappears when spread on the skin. It disappears when spread on the skin. Rub it in firmly until it changes to "shimput! The key is to rub it in firmly until it turns into a "smooth! Easy to carry tube type.


, the rabbit that everyone knows, is the main character in a picture book created by Dutch picture book author Dick Bruna. Since its birth in 1955, the same year Euskin was founded, Miffy has been loved by people all over the world for its simple design and lovability that can be recognized by anyone. Miffy's warmth and gentleness, which reassures both adults and children, share the same philosophy that Yuskin Pharmaceutical seeks.