Dayan the cat game mascot figure

Kaze Ha Saikara Neko no Dayan Yuucho Mascot Figure

Kaze Ha Saikara will sell a total of five "Neko no Dayan" Yuucho Mascot Figures. Prices are 500 yen each for capsule toy vending machines and 550 yen for box sales (both including tax).

Cat no Dayan Match

Mascot Figure

: The lineup consists of a total of five types: Dayan, Jitan, Mercy, Vanilla, and Ivan. In addition, these "Dayan the Cat" long-lasting match mascot figures will be sold in advance at Akiko Ikeda's original art exhibition "Dayan's Mysterious Journey" to be held at Matsuya Ginza 8F Event Square from June 28 to July 10. The pre-sale is only for the box.

Dayan the Cat and the World of W

achihurt "Wachihurt" is a fictional country created by Akiko Ikeda. The cat "Dayan the Cat", one of the friends of Wchifild, came to Wchifild from the earth by the magic of snow. Once upon a time, a long time ago, Wchifield was a part of the earth. However, a long and fierce war between the gods and the giants began, and the snow gods, fearing that their land would be destroyed, separated it from the earth and sent the snow wolves and frost wolves to protect it.

After the war, the earth has undergone many changes and time has moved much faster than in the past, but in WAtifuld, time moves slowly, animals stand and walk, and the land is full of magic, fairies, mischief and various adventures. And as has been the custom since ancient times, the animals enjoy the festivals of the four seasons, which revolve around the sun.

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