Nitori "Life Support Campaign

To celebrate the opening of the Nitori Meguro-dori store, a "Lifestyle Support Campaign" will be held at Nitori stores nationwide from April 22 to June 20.

Nitori Lifestyle Support Campaign

For a limited time, up to 266 items of furniture will be offered with free shipping and reduced prices, including popular mattresses and desks perfect for working from home. For interior goods, we are offering a wide range of products that will make your life more convenient and comfortable, such as "I wish! The sales floor offers a wide range of products that are ideas for daily life. For a limited time, we offer products at a "trial price" in order to encourage customers to try them out. The total number of items is 159, of which 69 items will be available from May 16.

Furniture Life Support Campaign

[About Free Shipping
(1) Free delivery to your door for purchases totaling 50,000 yen or more including tax.
(2) Purchases totaling 100,000 yen or more including tax will be delivered to the customer's room free of charge.
(3) Purchases of 150,000 yen or more, including tax, also include free pickup of existing furniture.
(3) Purchases totaling ¥150,000 or more, including tax, will also receive free pickup of existing furniture.

Large furniture (excluding system kitchens) is eligible. For room installation, a discount of 1,100 yen (tax included, same as below) for (1) and 2,200 yen for (2) and (3) will be applied to the regular delivery charge. Time frame designation fee is not included.

Nitori "Life Support Campaign

This applies to each account.
Actual costs for delivery to corporations, Okinawa and remote islands, and delivery outside the designated Nitori delivery area.

[About the limited time price reduction
Up to 266 items, including dining sets and sofas, will be reduced in price for a limited time.

The price of the pocket coil mattress N Sleep Hard 03VB single size is 29,900 yen → 27,900 yen * The price of other sizes are also reduced.

Nitori "Pocket Coil Mattress N Sleep Hard 03VB Single Size"
Frame sold separately

The table is available in two colors, middle brown and light brown.

Nitori "N Hibari" living room table with elevating tabletop

Desk + shelf + additional drawer: 45,526 yen → 35,790 yen * Available in middle brown and light brown.

Nitori "Desk + shelf + additional drawer"

Campaign to Support Lifestyle of Interior Goods

Nitori offers a number of ideas for daily life on its sales floor. Here are some of the products that are subject to limited-time price reductions for interior goods. The first "trial price" for a limited time is from April 22 to May 23.

Nitori "Life Support Campaign

Towel Shelley series, 11 colors
Face towel 299 yen→279 yen / Bath towel 799 yen→749 yen

Nitori "Towel Shelly Series

Ultra-lightweight tableware series (available in white and navy)
Bean dish 9cm 199 yen→149 yen / Deep dish 24cm 699 yen→599 yen

Nitori "Ultra Lightweight Tableware Series