Moomin Stationery Series

Moomin stationery series is now available from Gakken Stable. It is available at stationery and sundry goods stores nationwide and at the official Gakken Staful online store.

Moomin Stationery Series

This new Moomin stationery series incorporates nature motifs such as rocks, plants, and trees, which have become a design staple in their native Finland, with cool sherbet colors for the hot Japanese summer. The lineup includes 11 stationery items in 28 different types, such as four-day spread diaries, die-cut memo pads, sticky notes, and transparent masking tape, to add color to everyday life.

Moomin Stationery Series

A part of the lineup is as follows. Prices include tax.

A4 file with pocket

A5 size pocket on the front. It is convenient for storing things you want to quickly take out or look at often. Price: 385 yen.

Moomin stationery series "A4 File with Pocket

Flake stickers

Flake stickers made of masking tape with a slightly translucent base, each piece shaped like a nature motif pebble. 10 different designs, 4 sheets of each, 40 sheets in total. The price is 462 yen.

Moomin stationery series "Flake Seal

Notebook with A6 cover

Notebook with PVC transparent cover with pen holder. You can carry a pen with you, so you can write quickly and smartly. Price: 770 yen.

Moomin stationery series "Notebook with A6 cover

Pochibukuro Set

Pochi-bukuro (small and large) set. The small size can hold a 500-yen coin. The price is 440 yen.

Moomin stationery series "Pochibukuro Set

Pen Pouch M

Transparent pouch with an inner polyester pocket for sorting. Both visible and invisible storage is possible. The zipper has a gold ring pull for easy opening and closing, and the synthetic leather is in a soothing color scheme. The price is 2,200 yen. The pen pouch S with the same specifications is priced at 1,760 yen.

Moomin stationery series "Pen Pouch M

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