Nitori "First Sale

Nitori "

New Year's Sale" The "New Year's Sale" will be held at Nitori stores nationwide and on Nitori net from Sunday, January 1 to Tuesday, January 10, 2023. The "Free Home Appliance Delivery Campaign" and "2023 Net Limited Edition Special Sale" will also be held from Sunday, January 1, 2023.

A total of 517 items of recommended premium furniture and interior goods will be carefully selected for the New Year, and will be on sale at special prices for 10 days only.

Some of the featured items for the first sale. All prices include tax.

Genuine leather electric reclining sofa N Believer 2

This reclining sofa has a high back that supports up to the neck and ideal body pressure dispersion for relaxing. The genuine leather design gives it a luxurious feel. Available in dark brown, beige, and black.

Nitori "Leather Electric Reclining Sofa N Believer 2

Three-seater with table: 149,000 yen (save 10,000 yen)
・ Two-seater: 113,000 yen (save 6,000 yen)
・ One-seater: 84,900 yen (save 5,000 yen)

50v-inch LCD TV with built-in 4K tuner

A simple design makes this TV easy to fit in with your interior. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible TV provides a clearer and crisper picture than the SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) used in conventional general TVs. The price is 64,900 yen (save 5,000 yen).

Nitori "50v-inch LCD TV with built-in 4K tuner

Complete 2-layer


comforter ULG-4n

This down comforter is made with 90% luxurious Hungarian goose down. Two-layer construction keeps warmth inside the comforter. It is lightweight, fits snugly to the body, and is washable, so it is always clean and ready to use.

Nitori "Complete 2-layer down quilt ULG-4n

Single 46,900 yen (save 3,000 yen)
・ Semi-double 56,900 yen (save 3,000 yen)
・ Double 66,900 yen (save 3,000 yen)


Study desk with

ample large storage space

The latest model for 2011 in glossy white and black attracts the eye. The attractive design offers ample storage space for children with many textbooks and study tools. The shelves can be freely reconfigured to make the top panel wider or to redecorate the room, so it can be used for a long time as the child grows. The price is 79,900 yen (a savings of 20,000 yen).

Nitori "Large Storage Combination Desk WR23

Free home appliance delivery campaign

is available from January 1 (Sun.) to March 21 (Tue.). The campaign is available at Nitori stores and on Nitori Net.

Nitori "Free Appliance Delivery Campaign

2023 Nitori Net Limited Product Special

Sale The Nitori Net Limited Special Sale includes many useful products for your new life. The period is from January 1 (Sun.) to February 2 (Thu.).

Nitori "2023 Net Limited Edition Special Sale".