Loft Cherry Blossom Items


Cherry Blossom Items

Cherry blossom items are now available at Loft stores nationwide and on the Loft Internet Store. The lineup includes approximately 650 items such as hair care and body care products, message cards, etc. (Products handled and scale vary by store).

ululis Water Conch Sakura Pair Set 2023ver

The popular hair care brand, which consists of more than 90% water-soluble moisture-retaining ingredients (excluding base ingredients and including water), is offering the cherry blossom series again this season. Shampoo and treatment set with the gentle scent of Someiyoshino cherry blossoms. Includes a hair care trial pack. 3,080 yen (tax included, same as below).

ululis water conch sakura pair set 2023ver

Eight the Thalasso Gentle Repair & Moist Charge Serum Hair Milk Pink Relax 2022

A water-retaining hair milk to be used on hair after towel drying. Aqua Blossom scent. 1,540 yen.

Eight the Thalasso Gentle Repair & Moist Charge Serum Hair Milk Pink Relax 2022

FUN AZUM Moist & Damage Repair Hair Oil Pink Sparkle

Fruity-scented oil blended with cherry blossom, lemon and cassis. 1,595 yen.

FUN AZUM Moist & Damage Repair Hair Oil Pink Sparkle

THERATIS Dreamy Sakura Matomake St

ick A hair styling stick containing someiyoshino leaf extract (fragrance and moisturizing ingredient). 1,320 yen.

THERATIS Dreamy Sakura Matomake Stick

Becure Honey Fun Fun Toilette Sakura Urara

Eau de Toilette with a scent inspired by cherry blossoms in full bloom. The slim bottle design makes it easy to carry on the go. 1,540 yen.

Becure Honey Funfantuire Sakura Urara

KNEIPP Hand Cream, Sakura Fragrance 75ml (2.54us fl oz)

, contains mountain cherry blossom extract and almond oil (moisturizing ingredients) to keep hands fresh and clean. 825 yen.

KNEIPP Hand Cream Cherry Scent

John's Blend Musk Blossom

Softener Liquid fabric softener that softly fragrances clothes. 1,650 yen.

John's Blend Musk Blossom Softener


The oil is absorbed by the sola flower, turning it cherry red and spreading the fragrance in the room. The fragrance lasts about one month. 2,200 yen.


Spring Card: Foil Cherry Blossoms and Me

jiro A three-dimensional card featuring cherry blossoms and mejiro, a springtime tradition, on a gold folding screen-like background. 572 yen.

Spring Card Foil Cherry Blossom and Mejiro

Spring Marunouchi Fence Cherry Blossoms and Rabbit

A three-dimensional card with a rabbit looking up at cherry blossoms in a round shelf. The cherry blossoms have a glittering lame finish. 495 yen.

Spring Round fence cherry blossoms and rabbits


Sticker blooming

" is a cherry blossom motif sticker from the "Sua+elier" series, a Korean brand based on the concept of "fashionable and cute". 275 yen.

Sua+elier sticker blooming

All products are available in limited quantities and will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.