Nitorinet "121L fan-type 2-door refrigerator (NR121)

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121L Fan-Type 2-Door Refrigerator (NR121)" The "121L Fan-Type 2-Door Refrigerator (NR121)" with a large percentage of freezer capacity is available exclusively on Nitori Net. Free home appliance delivery campaign is being offered for a limited time.

121L Fan-Type 2-Door Refrigerator (


This product was released in response to the demand for a refrigerator with a large freezer capacity ratio, influenced by the strong demand for simplified food due to the recent increase in the number of dual-income earners and elderly households. With a freezer capacity of 48 L, the freezer capacity has been increased by approximately 25% compared to the company's previous model.

Nitorinet "121L fan-type 2-door refrigerator (NR121)

The automatic defrost function eliminates the need for periodic defrosting. The main unit's top panel (top table) has a heat resistance temperature of 100°C, a load capacity of 30 kg, and a size of 49.5 cm (W) x 55.5 cm (D) x 114 cm (H), making it suitable for placing a microwave oven or toaster.

Nitorinet "121L fan-type 2-door refrigerator (NR121)

[Product Outline]
Product name: 121L fan-type 2-door refrigerator (NR121)
Price: 36,900 yen (including tax)
Color: White

In response to requests for a larger refrigerator, a family-size refrigerator is also available.

274L 2-door fan-type refrigerator (NR-274L)

Recommended for families of 2-3 persons. With a refrigeration capacity of 174L and a freezer capacity of 100L, it has a well-proportioned freezer capacity and space. The freezer has an easy-to-use 4-tier clear case for convenient sorting.

Nitori "274L 2-door fan-operated refrigerator (NR-274L)

Priced at 58,900 yen (tax included). Available in white and black. Sold on Nitori Net and at all Nitori stores.

320L fan-type refrigerator (NTR-320)

Recommended size for a family of 3 to 4 people. It has a high proportion of freezer compartment capacity, with a 191L refrigeration compartment and a 129L freezer compartment, and the 129L freezer compartment capacity is equivalent to approximately 4.3 shopping baskets. The 129-liter freezer can hold about 4.3 baskets of groceries. The fan system eliminates the need for defrosting, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Nitori "320L fan-type refrigerator (NTR-320)

Regular price 89,900 yen, 88,900 yen (including tax) until March 21. The color is black. Available on Nitori Net and at select stores.

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A free home appliance delivery campaign is being offered until March 21. During this campaign, if you purchase home appliances (excluding clocks and kotatsu) totaling 60,000 yen (including tax) or more at a store during this period, the delivery fee will be waived. If you purchase on Nitori Net, you will receive up to 4,950 yen (including tax) worth of member's app membership points for the delivery fee.

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