Chi Kawa Lame Acrylic Keychain" from Kitanklub

KITAN CLUB Chiikawa Lame Acrylic

Key Ch

ain KITAN CLUB will sell capsule toy "Chiikawa Lame Acrylic Key Chain" sequentially from August 18. The price is 400 yen per capsule (tax included). The contents are random. There are 7 kinds in total.


Lame Ac

rylic Key Chain New acrylic key chain with glittering and dazzling lame! The big size acrylic keychain is full of individual poses of Chiikawas and their vivid colors.

The lineup includes not only Chiikawas and Hachiwares but also Otters and Anoko, etc. There are 7 kinds in total as follows.

・ Cheeks
・ Hachiware
・ Rabbit
・ Momonga
・ Kurimanju
・ Anoko

(C) Nagano / Cheekawa Production Committee