Nitori "Face Steamer" new color "Rose

Nitori "Face Ste

amer" New Color "Rose" A new color of Face Steamer "Rose" has been available at some Nitori stores and on Nitori net since late October.

Face Steamer

Nitori "Face Steamer

This face steamer allows you to do self-care for your skin easily at home. It is a popular product that has received a perfect score of 5* overall in reviews on Nitori Net.

In addition to the white color, a new color, "Rose," popular among women, is now available. The compact size allows it to be placed anywhere in the room without getting in the way. It has a simple design and can be easily operated with a single ON/OFF button.

Nitori "Face Steamer

The nozzle of the steam outlet can be adjusted to three different angles, making it easy to apply steam to areas of concern such as the neck and décolleté. The water tank can be removed for easy refilling and cleaning.

Nitori "Face Steamer

The size (external dimensions) is approximately 120 (width) x 136.5 (depth) x 208.5 (height) mm. The price is 4,990 yen (tax included), with a limited time offer of 4,790 yen (tax included) until December 10.

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