Canmake New Releases Summary

Canmake new cosmetics summary

We would like to introduce you to the new cosmetics from Canmake that will be released in late January. ``Concealer Brow Mascara'' and ``Lip Trick Liner.''


concealer brow mascara

A mascara-type eyebrow concealer that hides the black color of your natural eyebrows. You can partially erase your natural eyebrows, such as just the tip of your eyebrows, to create a looser look. A quick-drying water-based formula that thoroughly hides dark eyebrows while giving a soft finish.

Canmake "Concealer Brow Mascara"

Adopts a mini-sized rounded brush with moderately long bristles. It retains liquid well and coats each eyebrow firmly without missing it. The price is 748 yen (tax included, same below).

metal look mascara

An ultra-fine metal comb that creates delicate, bunched eyelashes. The uniform pitch of 0.45mm properly bundles several eyelashes. The ultra-fine comb with a diameter of 2.5mm makes it easy to apply eyelashes on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, which are hard to reach. Curls eyelashes tightly and keeps them for a long time. A formulation that is resistant to water, sweat, and sebum, and does not smudge. Available in 2 colors, priced at 990 yen.

Canmake “Metal Look Mascara”

Silky flare eyes (matte type)

From the sheer matte shadow that melts into your skin, to the exquisite dusky pink "Tutu Ballerina". The combination of soft pink and pink greige creates an elegant finish with a hint of sweetness. The price is 825 yen.

Canmake “Silky Flare Eyes (Matte Type)”

lip trick liner

A new lip item that creates the ideal lips by drawing light and shadow on the lips. A total of 4 colors are available: 2 highlight colors containing pearls and 2 shading colors. In addition to using it alone, you can use it as a set to make your lips look even more dimensional and plump.

Canmake “Lip Trick Liner”

Feed-out type thin core that provides a smooth drawing experience. It is easy to draw detailed lines and has a natural finish. The price is 748 yen.

color mixing concealer

From the 3-color palette concealer that allows you to create your own color, ``Red Beige'', which includes a ``red'' color, has been added to the lineup. When you are concerned about blue circles or shaving marks on your eyebrows, add red and layer the beige set to naturally cover blue tones. The price is 825 yen.

Canmake "Color Mixing Concealer"

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