Cezanne "Beige Tone Eye Shadow" "Bitter Tone Eye Shadow" "Durable Curl Mascara" "Extra Fine Eyebrow Mascara"

New colors such as Cezanne “Beige tone eyeshadow”

Cezanne will release new colors in mid-March: ``Beige Tone Eye Shadow,'' ``Bitter Tone Eye Shadow,'' ``Durable Curl Mascara,'' and ``Extra Fine Eyebrow Mascara.''

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beige tone eyeshadow

Cezanne "Beige tone eyeshadow"

A popular eyeshadow palette with different textures: glitter, pearl, and matte. The new color ``06 Peach Beige'' is characterized by the softness and naiveness of a white peach. A mellow pink with whitishness that creates a gentle complexion and transparency. Layering glitter will give your eyes a dewy look. The price is 748 yen (tax included, same below).

bitter tone eyeshadow

Cezanne "Bitter Tone Eye Shadow"

A palette that combines three matte colors and one glitter color creates a sophisticated three-dimensional look. ``03 Biscuit Brown'' is now available as a new color that gives a mature and mature impression. The exquisite brown color, which is more than beige but less than brown, gently tightens the eyes. The price is 748 yen.

durable curl mascara

Cezanne "Durable Curl Mascara"

This item is popular for its convenience and high staying power, as it serves as a mascara base, mascara, and top coat. A durable and sebum-resistant formula that firmly prevents bleeding and curling due to moisture generated inside the mask. It is resistant to water, sweat, tears, sebum, and moisture, and does not smudge over time.

The new color ``04 Greige'' is lighter than black and has a more defined and sophisticated impression than brown. A stylish color that gives transparency and softness to the eyes. The price is 638 yen.

extra fine eyebrow mascara

Cezanne "Extra-fine eyebrow mascara"

An eyebrow mascara that uses an ultra-fine brush and features a nuanced color that coats the eyebrows evenly. The new color "C4 Soft Greige" is a sophisticated greige that softens the presence of eyebrows and creates soft eyebrows. Creates a warm and soft atmosphere. The price is 528 yen.

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